One is chubby, the other one is sweet. The next is pervert and one is silly. Another one is dilligent. There's one who shares knowledge, and there's also one who is too old.

Annoying, irritating, outraging, whatever

Do you know Ron Weasley? A character in Harry Potter.
Well, Ron Weasley is a great character for me. He is insensitive yet funny. He is sarcastic yet kind. He is annoying yet attractive. I thought that would be fun if I have one friend like him.

But, hey, I was wrong! This is not funny anymore, I have one friend like Ron Weasley and I am just very annoyed. This is annoying!

the eight

1. Up
2. Ganesha
3. ITB
4. Walk
5. Watermelon
6. Shoes
7. IM3
8. Call

Those eight things just make me smile. :)